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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Many, many Freezies
I have 110 Freezies.

110 Freezies

I bought a box today at the grocery store. I suppose I figured they were roughly popsicle-like in quantity, until I started taking them out of the box and putting them in the fridge, or more specifically, until I realized that some time later I was still taking them out of the box and putting them in the fridge.

That's a lot of freezies. I think they cost $2.79 total.

Both nyxie and I like the blue ones best. Dammit.

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I love those things! But I like the red ones best. :)

freezies go in the freezer, not the fridge.


This is when mendel has to reply to this comment and use that Cat "it has a few flaws" icon, right?


I like the orange and red ones.

And sometimes yellow, unless the brand you got has yellow=banana. Then not yellow.

red and purple! then blue and orange! ew banana :P (unless those are lemon?)


I love these things, I eat like 20 a day, I am eating one right now and 3 more are on my desk for when I get done with this one (I get 4 at a time so i dont have to make a trip to the deep freeze in the garage every 2 minutes)

And yeah, its no new one that a box of 100 is ~$3, Thats about $0.03 a freezie, thats why I feel free to eat them all day. I go through about a box a week. I need to go to the store and get like 20 boxes for the winter since i dont know if they sell them during winter.

It was funny how I found your page, I am talking to a guy from germany and he wasnt sure if he knew what they were so I did an image search for freezies and here you have it, and i felt the need to comment on this

And here it is 2 1/3 years later and I still haven't run out of freezies, although we're sort of afraid to touch them now.

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