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Canadian web hosting?

I need web hosting. A bunch of people have recommended Dreamhost, and I'm this close -->||<-- to signing up for their $US 20/mo package there. Before I do, though, I want to make sure I'm not missing out on a reliable Canadian alternative.

For $US 20 per month, Dreamhost offers:

  • 40 GB/mo transfer (close to what I need)
  • 1.6GB local storage (close to what I need)
  • Mail: 300 mailboxes, unlimited mail aliases, 75 shell users (way over what I need)
  • DNS: 15 domains, 75 subdomains (about twice what I need, but I need shell access)
  • Unlimited MySQL usage
and more, but those are the important parts.

So, help me keep my money in Canada: Anyone know of a reliable, established Canadian shared web hosting provider that can come close to that package?


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