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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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The VooDoo Tesla II is the quietiest yet most dynamic power cord we have ever heard. Every nuance of sonic texture and detail literally dances in the holographic expanse of the soundstage.

And you can't plug something like that into just any old wall socket.

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I wonder if it literally does the tango, the Texas Two-Step, or just maybe the Cabbage Patch?

So the "Monster Cable" trend has migrated to power cords now?!

When can I get a Monster Cable ethernet cord??? I want all my bits to be absolutely pure! How about a Monster Cable cellphone charger??? I bet the purity of the wiring reduces resistance inherent in most power cables and will shave whole minutes off of my charging time! Can I get a Monster Cable telephone cord and gold-plated phone jack??? I want my telephone conversations to be as acoustically pure as possible!

Okay, well, yeah. I can see why a shielded AC cable would be good for audio gear. Still, $1200 seems a bit excessive for a 6' power cable.

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The cable and outlet don't actually filter, though. They just pass noisy AC out of your wall very accurately to your audio equipment.

Man, I just love audiophile voodoo rubbish! Those people will buy anything!

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