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moving update

We move in 9 days.

Things seem to be going well. Our get-the-keys appointment at the new building was moved from the 24th to the 27th because the office folks won't be around on the 24th. That works out fine, because we should probably spend that weekend getting the last big stuff packed up here instead of prancing around the new place going "Yay, apartment! Yay!", and we'll still be able to go over Monday night to have pizza sitting on the floor (as one must do).

Lots of piles of boxes here. Having a hard time finding stuff to pack now; everything left is "Well, we need that between now and moving day", or is the little bits of detritus which don't quite make it into another box but aren't enough related to each other to go all in their own box together. I imagine I'll be packing that stuff up on the 27th and 28th.

It's going to be a tough move with just the two of us, but since we've got it planned out in One Big Trip (two hours to load, then a break, then two hours to unload — and I'm going to see if there's extra time on either side of our blocks) it should work out fine. I've got the whole week off so I can recover afterwards too.

Need to confirm the elevator times and van on Wednesday and then figure out how to get phone and DSL cut off on cue and then there's nothing to do but pack and move.


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