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My other websites

Converting Money Into Lift
       I'm working on my private pilot's license and keeping a record here.

My links
       My online bookmarks via
My daily reading list
       I don't really like RSS readers. This is my bookmarks list for daily reading.

My website
       Rarely updated.
The Rich FAQ
       Frequently-asked questions about me. Also rarely updated!

The Chiff and Fipple Forums
       I run these as a favour to Dale Wisely who runs the Chiff and Fipple website. I don't follow them that closely anymore, but they're pretty popular and that pleases me.

Friends' blogs

I've intentionally left out a lot of LiveJournals that appear on my friends list because it was silly to duplicate my whole friends list here.

nyxie's LiveJournal
       My partner's LiveJournal...
Zen and the Art of Massage
       ... and her massage therapy blog.

stimps's LiveJournalstimps's knitting journalignatz's LiveJournalignatz's other weblog
       Stimps and Ignatz are a couple of kindred souls I met years ago online. They're both on the other side of the country from me; if we were local I suspect we'd spend a lot of time together.

Citizen_XdagbrownPeter "deviant-" JonesMasquefimmtiufweebleshalfjackTorgo Xzhixel
       A bunch of good friends from IRC for whom I have a great deal of respect and just like hanging out with.

Dan YorkMike SoulierZac SprackettMark KnoxSkud
       The personal blogs of a bunch of coworkers and former coworkers of mine.
North of 45
       Dan York's other blog about being American in Canada.

Dan McGarry's journal
       My former coworker and good friend Dan is doing volunteer geek work in Vanuatu. Lots of great stories and insight here.

gordonzola's journal
       The mongering of cheese has never been so entertaining.

Jamie Zawinski's journal
       The infamous jwz is always entertainingly bitter.


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