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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Computer desks for sale
pinkie pie

nyxie and I are using real desks now that we have the room, so I've managed to end up with three two Ikea computer tables for sale. I figured I should mention them here before braving the hell that is ott.forsale.*. Both of them are in good condition, and both were used regularly for six months to a year.

Mikael Set
Mikael Set
was $59 new
asking $30
was $189 new
asking $100

None of these is really shippable, so this is targeted at local folks. I can probably give you a hand getting it wherever you are. Let me know if you're interested!

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Already have my own IKEA desk...

...but I've passed the link to this post along to a couple locals who may be interested. Congrats on the upgrades!

You should try the Mitel intranet...

I have actually sold a good bit of stuff through the Kanata "Noticeboard" at work... the good news is that it's pretty much a guarantee that they are local (and you have a fairly high probability that they *will* pay!)

Re: You should try the Mitel intranet...

Oh, hey, good idea. Thanks!

would like to buy krister if you can ship it

I'd be willing to pay for ground shipping up to $20
Please contact me at kendra_ny@hotmail.com


Re: would like to buy krister if you can ship it


Thanks, but it'd definitely cost more than $20 to ship it across the border -- even flat-packed the boxes are pretty big (just not deep), and when you figure in duty and exchange rates you'll end up spending more than you would for a new one.

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