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I need a new cellphone

My phone gave up the ghost recently by refusing to detect any networks, even when it's showing a strong signal. It's a Nokia 8390, which while a great phone when I got it is starting to get a bit long in the tooth anyhow, so I think this is a great time to just buy a new damn phone. I don't want to change plans or providers, though, so I can't take advantage of a new account cheap-handset deal.

I'm also having a bit of a hard time deciding which phone to get, although when it comes to Fido's selection of phones I've got it narrowed down to two, I think. So, a poll thingy:

Edit: Incidentally, there is no number portability in Canada, so changing providers means changing phone numbers. :-(

Poll #384612 Phone poll thingy

Last time you wanted a new cellphone, what did you pay?

Far less than retail, because I switched companies to get a new phone
Far less than retail, because I was switching plans anyway
A bit less than retail, because my provider offered me an upgrade or I signed a new contract
A bit less than retail, by buying an unlocked phone through Ebay or something like that
Full retail from my provider

Any comments on phone pricing?

I want a GSM world phone with an integrated camera and color display. What should I get?

Siemens C65 ($250 retail)
Sony Ericsson T610 ($300 retail)
Buy something else from someone other than Fido (specify below)

Something else, you say? What, then?



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