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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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I need a new cellphone
thinking, perplexed
My phone gave up the ghost recently by refusing to detect any networks, even when it's showing a strong signal. It's a Nokia 8390, which while a great phone when I got it is starting to get a bit long in the tooth anyhow, so I think this is a great time to just buy a new damn phone. I don't want to change plans or providers, though, so I can't take advantage of a new account cheap-handset deal.

I'm also having a bit of a hard time deciding which phone to get, although when it comes to Fido's selection of phones I've got it narrowed down to two, I think. So, a poll thingy:

Edit: Incidentally, there is no number portability in Canada, so changing providers means changing phone numbers. :-(

Poll #384612 Phone poll thingy

Last time you wanted a new cellphone, what did you pay?

Far less than retail, because I switched companies to get a new phone
Far less than retail, because I was switching plans anyway
A bit less than retail, because my provider offered me an upgrade or I signed a new contract
A bit less than retail, by buying an unlocked phone through Ebay or something like that
Full retail from my provider

Any comments on phone pricing?

I want a GSM world phone with an integrated camera and color display. What should I get?

Siemens C65 ($250 retail)
Sony Ericsson T610 ($300 retail)
Buy something else from someone other than Fido (specify below)

Something else, you say? What, then?



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Unlocked phones in Montreal

Do what I did and get yourself an unlocked GSM phone from these nice people in Montreal:


That way, you're not limited to Fido's selection, and you can take your phone with you should you ever change providers (although your number will of course change, as you already mentioned).

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