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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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happy mannequin, happy
Been a while since I've posted. Let's see, what's happened?

I got older at the beginning of the month. nyxie made me yummy dinner and even yummier espresso-chocolate-chocolate-chocolate cupcakes and bought me the first item in my future Alessi collection, Mr Suicide! Mom decided that it would make a good family tradition to buy me a single malt scotch for my birthday, and started with a bottle of Oban. I agreed that it was a good tradition indeed! My father and stepmother and little sister came down last weekend and took nyxie and I out for dinner, and gave me a Wusthof santoku. Nyxie's the chef around here and I'm the prep cook, and there's a lot of enjoyment to be had in that knife. I can julienne easily now! Now I just have to convince Nyxie that a sharp knife is a safe knife. All in all another great birthday surrounded by those I love. It gets no better than this, I tell you.

There was another small round of layoffs at work, but I'm still there and reasonably secure — I'm in the middle of the planning and testing phase of a move from NT4 to Active Directory 2003 and it looks like I'll be driving that once the move is complete. That's a good thing despite the obvious initial reaction; broadening my area of responsibility is a sign that they're planning on keeping me around. We've also got a load of new hardware coming in. I'll make a geeky post about that in a while.

Not a whole lot else going on lately. Nyxie's just getting over some stomach bug, and I think I barely got it too.

Right now I'm downloading all the Stompin' Tom Connors I can find on Limewire. My back still aches when I hear that word!

Odd Canadian music trivia (apologies if I've shared this before, or if everyone but me has known this forever): Rufus Wainwright is Kate McGarrigle's son (she of "Log Driver's Waltz", with her sister Anna).

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That's a great blade. I've just decided to finally acquire the only blade that's turned my head since going with Global:


Oh yes. Oh my heavens yes. About $100 on eBay. Must resist until next year...

...but VG-10! Mmmmmmmm. I hear S30V may be stainless enough for kitchen use as well. That'd just be phenomenal. Maybe I'd sell my Kyoceras, in that case. Hmm.

Wow, hi there, tangent. Anyway, I'm glad you're older! Happy older day! And happy Still Employed period!

Rufus' father, of course, is Loudon Wainwright III, he of... well, lots of stuff. In fact, Loudon has a song about Rufus: Rufus Is A Tit Man.

Granted, Rufus was a tiny little guy when that song was written, so it's not as interesting as it sounds. :-)

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