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Been a while since I've posted. Let's see, what's happened?

I got older at the beginning of the month. nyxie made me yummy dinner and even yummier espresso-chocolate-chocolate-chocolate cupcakes and bought me the first item in my future Alessi collection, Mr Suicide! Mom decided that it would make a good family tradition to buy me a single malt scotch for my birthday, and started with a bottle of Oban. I agreed that it was a good tradition indeed! My father and stepmother and little sister came down last weekend and took nyxie and I out for dinner, and gave me a Wusthof santoku. Nyxie's the chef around here and I'm the prep cook, and there's a lot of enjoyment to be had in that knife. I can julienne easily now! Now I just have to convince Nyxie that a sharp knife is a safe knife. All in all another great birthday surrounded by those I love. It gets no better than this, I tell you.

There was another small round of layoffs at work, but I'm still there and reasonably secure — I'm in the middle of the planning and testing phase of a move from NT4 to Active Directory 2003 and it looks like I'll be driving that once the move is complete. That's a good thing despite the obvious initial reaction; broadening my area of responsibility is a sign that they're planning on keeping me around. We've also got a load of new hardware coming in. I'll make a geeky post about that in a while.

Not a whole lot else going on lately. Nyxie's just getting over some stomach bug, and I think I barely got it too.

Right now I'm downloading all the Stompin' Tom Connors I can find on Limewire. My back still aches when I hear that word!

Odd Canadian music trivia (apologies if I've shared this before, or if everyone but me has known this forever): Rufus Wainwright is Kate McGarrigle's son (she of "Log Driver's Waltz", with her sister Anna).


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