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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

2010 in review
pinkie pie
Ganked from nyxie because it seemed like a good idea.

1.What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?
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And there you have it. The strangest thing about 2010: how few of the details I can remember.

pinkie pie
Whoa it's been a while. I should post here more. And here, and here, and...

Anyhow, let me tell you about the cat.

So Rasha, he of the swiss cheese kidneys, crashed a little while ago, and so we took him into the vet for a couple days of IV fluids. He's doing well again now, don't worry! But he's getting more subcutaneous fluids, which he doesn't mind TOO much, and he's on a new medication, Thera-K, a potassium gluconate suspension in a viscous beef-flavoured liquid.

I noticed that he's resisting his medication a bit more ever since we started the Thera-K, which I attributed to him being annoyed at the sheer volume of liquid he has to take twice a day. So it was time for a refill and I had the vet call it in to the local compounding pharmacy, who gave us: GIANT CAPSULES -- size 0 or 1, I think. Usually cats get size 4 or 5.

Seriously, these are like 2cm long. There is no way you are going to get this into a cat. Do they even know what a cat looks like? They're pretty small!

Potassium gluconate is big but not that big: 234.246 g/mol, 1.73 g/cm3, and Rasha needs 2mmol twice daily, so that's 0.27 cm3, which would've fit into a #3 caplet which is cat size. I don't know why there's so much more stuff in these.

So now I have two weeks = $50 of these that I can't use. Luckily I've got some Thera-K left to hold us over. But the pharmacy can't use the caplets to make a suspension, so I'm going to have to figure out some way to get this into the cat because I don't want to just throw them away. I'm nervous about mixing it with his food because it's really important that he eat well and I don't want to make him suspicious of it (although he did eat his food laced with liquid Thera-K last night, silly cat.) I could make a suspension myself, in water or chicken broth, but then I'm not confident that the dosage will be right. I could mix one caplet at a time with 1ml of water, but still I'd worry about underdosing.

Stupid giant cat pills.

pinkie pie
Hey folks, remember me?

So being back on standard time and reading this MetaFilter thread got me thinking about sleeping, and how this year I am determined to kick melatonin's ASS and not feel like my internal clock is broken all winter. Plan #1 is vitamin D. Plan #2, I was considering light therapy, and then from there I found a nifty little online test:

The Automated Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire asks 19 questions and figures out when your melatonin kicks in and thus your "natural bedtime". For both nyxie and I it came up with a reasonable answer so I think it's not completely made up, at least.

What's funny is that it told me my natural bedtime was 12:45 AM and nyxie's is 10:45 PM! No wonder we've had disagreements in the past about bedtime and about me sleeping in.

Although it's a funny thing: I always felt like nyxie thought I was being lazy and irresponsible by staying up late and sleeping in, and I felt she was being a keener getting up early and going to bed early (especially the morning sittings at the zen centre, which start at 6am). But now that we have SCIENCE! on our side, it's easier to go "Oh, hey, look, we're different like that" and not value-judge and stuff.

Anyhow go apply SCIENCE! to your sleepin' if you want. Note that it tells you you're an UNHOLY FREAK* if you tend to get up in the PMs and go to bed in the AMs.

* well actually it just says that your results might not be correct but still

IPIP-NEO again
pinkie pie
nyxie and I were talking about personality tests the other day and whether I was INTP or ENTP (the latter, it turns out) and in doing so were reminded of the IPIP-NEO test that I did back in 2007, while I was still in the MBA.

I did it again today, and I'm a little surprised by the results -- my extraversion has gone down quite a bit, my agreeableness and conscientiousness way up. I'm not surprised by the extraversion part but I'm surprised it was ever so high. Anyhow, mostly for my own records more than anything: my resultsCollapse )

Rasha claims the new zabuton
pinkie pie

Rasha claims the new zabuton, originally uploaded by mendel.

I've had my new zafu and zabuton for about four hours now and Rasha's already decided it is his. This is what happens when you adopt a temple cat!

pinkie pie
Speaking of BikeBike, how awesome is this:

CATBIKES. I totally want a catbike tattoo now. (Also an octopus tattoo, but that's going to be biggish so I don't want it to be my first one.) But I feel kind of silly having not gone to the conference. Then again, I want it because catbikes are awesome and not as a conference memento. I could probably even find out who drew them and make sure it's cool with them.

sundials in the dark
Walking through the U of T campus with nyxie at about 10 PM last night, we came across a sundial on a plinth with a plaque on the plinth:

nyxie: What's this thing?
mendel: Sundial.
mendel: Too dark, can't read it.
nyxie: ...

I get no credit at all.

pie smoothie
pinkie pie

pie smoothie, originally uploaded by mendel.

I posted this on Twitter but I thought I'd put it here for posterity.

Whose bacon?
pinkie pie

Whose bacon?, originally uploaded by mendel.

Found on the U of T campus.

the pace of innovation
pinkie pie
EPost is Canada Post's "seriously, we're still relevant, rite guys?" get-your-bills-online service. It's handy in that encourages bill-senders to all use the same service, and that it's integrated with a lot of banks' online banking sites so you can click "Pay bill" and that happens, but outside of that it's the kind of software you'd expect from a Crown corporation.

I logged in today and got this pop-up:

Many powerful features, like folders. Yay.